Media & Management Global – Casting Call

Audition Dates & Times Saturday, March 1, 2014 Time 11:00am – 5pm Sunday, March 2, 2014 Time 11:00am – 5pm

Production Title: Stratosphere (film) Genre: Action Drama

Union: No Gender: Both Pay: TBD

Submit Headshots To -  Contact person: Erica Sutherlin Cell Phone: 818-850-9350 Email:

Audition Breakdown:  We are shooting a feature length film, looking to cast 24 roles, male and female. Below is the character breakdown.

STRATOSPHERE Character BreakdownEdit

1. Reid Crawford early 30’s very handsome, athletic frame African American male. He possesses the American boy charm that women seek. 

2. Edward “Dank” Haul III in his early 30’s is a ultra smooth, highly intelligent, massive manly African American male. He epitomizes the sexual jungle image of the black male.

3. Jason DuBois early 30’s average African American male. There is nothing about him that stands out or creates a unique persona or draw unlike Reid and Dank. 

4. Stephanie Crawford, Reid’s wife, early 30’s attractive, African American female, mahogany complexion, and medium build and physically fit. 

5. Singh Singh, late 20’s, tall, slender but muscular Asian/East Indian. 

6. Melonie Rose, late 20’s, a high level con artist, Caucasian. She has an ongoing relationship with her target Jason. 

7. Tanner, early 20s, very youthful idealistic Asian/East Indian or Caucasian American who works as a software specialist for Dank’s technology company.

8. Mr. Shah, 50s, Asian/East Indian who heads the Asian mafia. He’s straight to the point, no nonsense type of guy. 

9. Nasar, early 30s middle eastern, Nasar is a Pakistani Prince, comes from a very affluent family with connections in the military and CIA. 

10. Hector, The Mexican, late 20s – early 30s Hispanic American. He is not large in stature but he is very imposing. Hector is the muscle for the Mexican cartel. 

11. Kristin, mid-late 20s, African American or Spanish female. She is quite tall flat footed with long straight hair. She has a very serious look but quite sexy. 

12. Maria, Nasar’s Girl, mid 20s, 5’5” Columbian

13. Nasar’s Girl #2, mid 20s, middle eastern 

14. Man in Stall, open

15. Poker Dealer, 30s Caucasian American

16. Poker Player #1, male, open

17. Poker Player #2, male, open

18. Mexican Cartel muscle #1, 20s, works for the Mexican cartel as a punisher.

19. Young Mexican Boy, early teens

20. Mystery Man, late 30s

21. Old Trainer, 50-60s, African American

22. Front Desk Clerk, early 20s, female Caucasian American

23. Young Lady, early 30s, open